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so far....i have a very few friends who can understand me completely,Why is that i dont know the reason for that but somebody

misunderstood that they know me completely..
I am a guy who loves to read but for reasons i am not able to read :P....
As you know i m taken literature as my subject but still i dont read anything ...GOD its gona affect my results i have to change

before the unthinkable happens..

Loneliness is been a part of my life.I am used to it now .....i can now hear the music of silence and enjoy the each moment of

loneliness .Till now i have been single i have now one to share my feelings and thoughts .Being single is always a hard moments to

fight we have to be really courageous to fight against our thoughts..,will power is all we need to achive any thing in our life..keep this

in mind..

Finally i met someone... she is my junior in the college..she is like a angel in the class ,
little bit frightn in the last bench..oru pavam kutti...nothin more to say about her...i love her very much she didnt say that she loves

me but i love her ..I dont know the reason for loving her..."REASONS ARE NOT A RESON TO LOVE...WHAT MATTERS IS


[wana know more about ma college..its comin on my nxt post]
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more about me

now about me ...a 19 year boy with some crazy thoughts.:P

my schooling was finished in St joseph's hss,one of the most beautiful memories are from there .
That are really some golden moments in my life.....lost days it never came back..
After that i joined +2 in Nss Hss Palkulangara, i don't know that terrible days are up head.that two years are the most hated years in my life.lucky to be out o that hell................
After that like other +2 students i wrote the entrance exam,OK it was useless :P.....
mmm..i had some other plans ,i was planing to join animation classes I'm crazy about animation ....i want to make a career with it ...Now im taking classes on animation and doing my degree classes too......

Another important step in my life is to join MG college..its has one of the most beautiful campus in tvm also the most frustrating one..i had taken eng lit as my subject and its is damm boring,now i am in second year.This about my studies till now more abt me are coming on next post.....
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hy guys..

"i m nikhil not david"......

ok guys ..here it is my name is nikhil not david.david is my profile name because it is my favorite name ,everybody hv their own favorites,like that david is my favorite name i cnt use it my real life."The most handsome sculpture made in the Earth" ,Is it wrong tht i wana be like tht..Ok there i s no justification for tellin lie...its not a confession i never felt guilty for it because it is not at all a cheating..i just use david because i just like it thts it .........

U r wd me 4 a long time n i wnt u for a long time plz be wd me ....FORGIVE ME IF POSSIBLE....

[to all ma orkut friends]

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